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Global Lifts
International elevators at fancy prices. Specialized in supplying, maintaining & installing elevators of all types. We choose Mainspec. We are executed by a selection of the best engineers.
General Contracting
We work general contracting and different to all the customers and provide an integrated team of experts to carry out construction works.
The benefit of modernization is improving the appearance, performance and safety while keeping older buildings competitive with newer buildings is another benefit of elevators modernization.
Installation of all kinds of different kinds of lifts and elevators Automatic half Automatic and External towers.
Defined operations preventive maintenance which is done on a regular basis once a month and is in itself completely separate from the crash, and is the work of the maintenance
Spare parts
We provide all spare parts for different lifts our customers with high quality and reasonable prices and immediately upon request.

Our Projects


About Us
Square Fife founded for elevators in the Saudi market to meet modern requirements as elevators become necessary in most of the buildings, both commercial buildings, residential, private residences and to keep abreast of the times and the aspirations of the customers the company may have provided several options of passenger lifts and elevators load of home elevators also recently it signed a hold exclusive agency to supply elevators Agreement and that in order to meet all the requirements of the market in addition to providing multiple solutions to the owners of houses with special cases For the sake of convenience of our customers and we put price rate commensurate with everyone while maintaining the highest levels of quality and the company manages a specialized team is highly experienced with the presence of fully qualified technicians hope to work with you and that you will live up to the best levels.

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Al Faisaliah - Sari St. - Engineering Market - Gate 2 - Office No. 16

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